Friday, January 31, 2014

Stories from the Mission... bit 37

   I feel strongly that the Program is a place where some of us are broken pieces of metal, brought here to be melted down into swords for the Lord, while others are here to be files to sharpen us up.
   You see a lot of the people at the mission but not in the program love to have headsets, Bluetooths and sun glasses on all the time. They become a part of them as much as a pair of fancy gym shoes or a hair cut. Many of the times you can't hear any music and I suspect they might not even be hooked up... kind of like how the sunglasses indoors hide who you are, the ear buds make it so you can hide from what people might be saying to you. Wearing a Bluetooth all the time just looks silly. I mean, I had one and it was nice for when you're driving or doing dishes, but to have it in all the time seems ostentatious. Maybe they think they are Uhura, lol.
   Most of us work six days a week here, and while they are not hard jobs, I pine for the days of having the occasional three day weekends. It's good to keep the guys busy, give them a solid structure.
  The Chicago skyline is always a draw to my eye, if you walk twenty feet, the buildings change like the facets on a diamond. I look forward to exploring the other views of the city some day.
   The top dog on the Foosball table is Anthony, he has mad skills and can smack the ball so hard it sounds like it will go right through the back wall! Last night we had an epic game, passing, shooting, a blur of action going back and forth for what seemed like an hour and I was finally able to beat him for the first time! I had to laugh, at the end, we where so excited that instead of doing the fist bump right, or the high five type smack, we did the rock, scissors, paper mix up. I've seen that happen more than once here... so many guys that don't know eachother well enough to know which is used the most, a fist bump into a raised palm happens, lol.

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