Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Stories from the Mission... bit 12

   I hear a lot of guys grumbling around here and I tell them, don't complain, come pray. We often pray for the big things, but we can pray for anything. One of the strongest prayers I have found here is when I am having a difficult time with a guy, I pray the Lord to soften my heart and his... but you really have to mean the first part.
   Another idea is the immense power of humility. Rain is humble, dropping softly in the mountains. It is not boastful or temporary like lighting or thunder, but gently going about it's work at a steady pace. The waters gather in small rivulets and streams into babbling brooks of soothing sounds. In time the humble waters find each other and form mighty rivers that can cut through solid rock to make huge canyons. Not always as fast as you may like, but at Godspeed.
   Tonight I saw a guy I had misjudged and it made me realize something. You see, truth be told, I thought he was slow... not someone to be talked with about particle physics or black holes. He is a decent fellow, just built differently. I now see him as a good sounding board, someone that I can explain my more out there invention ideas. If I can get him to understand, maybe I'd be better at explaining them to investors, lol. We are all tools for God and we should really try to see that cutting edge God uses rather then the minutia of personality. Tonight I had seen this guy talking to another brother in a monotone, repetitive voice and his words where finding fertile ground. How wrong I had been about him, and how blessed to realize I was seeing Gods work first hand!
   Tonight I am at Crawford church and I realized I want Pastor Bower to marry me and... Hmmmmm, I wonder how she is doing right now? I wonder what her name is? I know God is preparing me for her and she might be going through stuff right now too. At times when I am praying, I ask the Lord to let her know that I am sorry for taking so long.
   Last night at Saturdays Praise and testimony service there was a red haired guy playing the piano like I have never heard anyone before. He comes at least once a month from the Moody Bible institute and is well known for his abilities. How cool he wants to play for a room of homeless guys. I crane my neck to better see his hands fly across the keys when I notice another gift... A wife lays her head on her husbands shoulder in the front row near the piano, and that alone would have been enough for my heart, but then I see over his other shoulder, the tiny pig tailed head of his daughter in his lap. Blessings abound! Someday.... some day.
  We got 5 new guys in the program today, which is a lot at one time. I'd be surprised if more than 3 make it past 2 weeks, but that is how it goes around here. This is not a jail and one of the hardest parts is knowing you can just leave.
   What if we are Gods thoughts? It could explain so much, like how he knows everything, is everywhere, because we are in his head so's to speak. How can a thought comprehend the mind that thinks it?
   So, idle odd thought for today... Ironman is flying along one day and a Transformer grabs him in mid air, looks at him and accidentally pulls one of his arms off. Disgusted, the Transformer tosses him aside and says, "Cheap toys from China."
  I heard a rumor form my IC Ed today, he said I might get transferred to the radio show "Unshackled"! I'm not holding my breath, but that would be a huge honor! It would be cool to work in an office (Instead of cleaning toilets) and not sweating for the first time in my life. Of all the jobs here at the mission, working on a world famous radio show sounds really interesting.

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  1. Transformers and ironman!! HA! I could just picture it(throws it down..."Junk!!!")
    Orson Welles narrated "Unicron" in his final role in the Transformers movie.