Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Stories from the Mission... bit 10

   We spend a lot of time studying the King James Bible, trying to understand what what written just 400 years ago. I started wondering, why do we have such a hard time taking it in? It's a lot like reading Shakespeare, terms and styles of thought have changed over the ages. I say the word 'Cool' now, and you know pretty much what I mean. Say that back in 1600, and they will think you're talking about the weather. Another issue is slang, we love to change the way words are used to feel like part of the in crowd, but I'm stating to think all it does is bring a fog. How long before the words get switched up enough that we don't understand what is written today? They say the greatest trick satan ever did was to convince the world he doesn't exist, I think his second was to convince us to willingly become confused.
   I am so looking forward to getting new glasses. This pair is way out of date and the right nose support is broken off, so it makes it hard to read.  I squint and tear up so much from the strain that I have red irritated patches at the inner folds and outside crows feet of my eyes. They hurt. My eyes have gotten so bad that I can't read my own handwriting without the glasses on. I kid with some of the guys, telling them that my eyes are so bad, that when I take them off (pulling my glasses off as I say it) you look good! To which they shudder and tell me to put them back on, LOL.
  Joesph, a guy in a bunk diagonal from me, just reminded me of some miracles. When I first got here I was on 5 meds (Klonopin, Paxil, Rumalon and some other junk) and now I haven't had any of them in almost a month. I haven't had one anxiety attack at all. Sure, I get down from time to time, but it;'s nothing like the deep depression I used to know. I prayed to the Lord to cure me and he has. Joeseph told me how I would shake the entire bunk when trying to climb up and they thought I would fall... many didn't think I'd make it that long. Joe is a great guy, I call him the Google of the Bible. Ask him a bit of a verse and he will know where it is.
   Juan is softly strumming his guitar behind me now as I sit on my bunk writing and watching guys come and go through the dorm. The music reminds me of when I was 17 up on Lake Geneva... golden summers. Soft memories of riding on my Dads boat, the Gramps Gang, a 23 foot IMP cabin cruiser. It was white with a blue stripe down the side and some fake faded wood accents that came back to like new with water proof shoe polish. It wasn't a huge yacht or anything, but had many nice places to relax. In the bow area it was flat  to sit on, the railing comfortably high to rest your arms on as you dangle your feet above the spritzing of the bow waves. Just behind that was another flat deck that was the roof of the cabin, big enough for 3 teens to sunbathe on. Both of those decks backed up to flat windows for the cabin and bridge, sloped at a perfect angle to lay back against and watch the shore pass by. many where the weekend morning I'd be up there with friends recovering from the night before, warm sun, cool breezes and the gentle vibration of the motor massaging and relaxing young muscles. The cabin had huge windows completely around 3 sides to let every bit of sunshine in and with the table down you could sleep 3. With it up you could sit 6 or 7 around it to eat or for late night out on the lake poker games. The seat cushions throughout the boat where made of a soft material that had a wonderful blue color and texture. The flybridge had it's two chairs raised up high enough to see over the cabin, the captains side had big chrome dials, rows of switches and the big throttle handle to the right. That motor made nice revving sounds, muted by the seat cushion over it. At times, my buddies and I would take turns with the cover off and air filter removed, watching the four barrel open up as the engine screamed up to red line just feet from our faces at full throttle heading across the lake. The seat across from the captain had the controls for the 8 track player on which we listened to Saturday night fever, Boston and Journey Infinity, over and over. To this day, the thee songs on Journey Infinity, Lights, Feeling that way and Anytime still echo special beyond description. Behind those seats and down was the engine cover of about 4x4 foot and flanked by two seats that we kept down to form a large platform to relax on. I loved that boat. Heck, I lost my virginity on it at sunset in the middle of Lake Geneva with... well, I'll keep that between her and I right now.
   7/29/11 I've never heard so many farts in all my life. Yeah, when you're in close quarters with 60 other men, farts happen alot. An odd thing about it is that since we all eat the same stuff, you don't notice them as much. Still, you never get used to the sound of a guy letting one rip from an upper bunk 3 feet from your head as you where having a conversation with someone. For that matter, I have never written a sentence while laughing that much before either, LMOA!


  1. I don't find them to be mutually exclusive. I do not think they must compete for a win.

  2. Journey...Boston...the memories...LOL!