Friday, January 31, 2014

Stories from the Mission... bit 35

   It's hard when you get to know and appreciate guys and then they leave. Steve was a medium build guy, extremely strong and had a funny way of saying things so he never got anyone mad at him. Square faced, wide eyed, he was always coming out with something that was at least kind of funny. Brandon was a tall 19 year old that had the widest, goofiest smile I have ever seen.He had self inflicted cuts all over his forearms and was never a gossip. He liked to grab my bald head like a bowling ball for some reason... and beam that big goofy grin at me, lol. I'm going to miss these guys and am belssed for having met them... I just wish I could describe them more.
   Politically, some people see a left or a right, Democrats or Republicans. Now, I only see an up or a down. Politicians want power and money, God wants us to love one another.
   Food. Breakfast ain't that great, but no body is starving and it's free. Once a week we get rice and eggs, plain rice and maybe a Sparrows eggs worth, no meat, or toast. Once a week it is two pancakes and some sausage with some syrup. Occasionally we get cold cereal, which I really like a lot. The main breakfast is a bowl of oat meal and pastries donated by Starbucks, which is pretty cool. Think about that for a second... around 600 homeless people a day eat breakfast donated by Starbucks.
   At lunch it's almost always soup and either baloney sandwiches or pizza donated by Pizza hut. Seems there are a lot of people that order pizza and never pick it up, so they put them in a big fridge and keep them till we pick them up.

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