Thursday, January 30, 2014

Stories from the Mission... bit 34

   I got an unexpected notice to visit the clinic today, and it turns out to be great news! The optometrist, Dr. Joe came in and I'm getting new glasses within a month now! Joe come in every few months with a couple of helpers to give free of charge his time and glasses for the men that can't afford them. he first talks with all of us about how his ministry is reflected in the Word and prays with us. Then we each take turns going through the examinations and when I got to that big thing that looks like a mechanical Mardi Gras mask with a bunch of lenses, it felt so good to see clearly again that I wanted to stray there all day. How cool is it that this DR. Joe goes out of his way for us? This whole place runs on the goodness of Christians from all over the world that give out of trust in the Lord.
   Wow, so much has happened in the last 24 hours. That guy, 'MD' got caught breaking some rules, then was swearing at one of the Pastors. It wasn't his first time here, they give a lot of grace, but now he is gone. As much as I disliked him, the first thing I did was pray the Lord remove the demon from him, it must be a hard life not trusting. A little while after he was escorted out, J.J. brought over the study Bible he left behind to me as my name was on it already. That was nice of him, but I had one already, and with the bad memories attached, I didn't want that one. I asked around if anyone wanted one and Chris said he had been looking for exactly that type. He was as excited as a little kid, lol.
   J.J. has many names, is from Detroit, has the bunk just to my right and is one of those guys a lot of people just like. He can get angry and won't back down in a dispute, but is quick and sincere when people apologize. he has what could be called a jolly smile, does poetry and is very immaculate about his clothing and everything in his bunk area. Yeah, I dunno if he is gay, I just like him as a person and know that he has demons to fight like the rest of us.
   I saw Jason walk into the Billy Sunday room today, started my stop watch, and it took just 14 seconds to get someone mad at him. It's strange, he not an evil guy, it's not like he is mean or anything, he just loves to get entangled in other peoples issues. Oh, he is also a disheveled slob, never irons anything and wears his tie like a scarf. He has a weird addiction to chicken and for some weird reason I consider him a friend.
   My sister Tracey, her husband Ron and my nephew Rudy came out to visit me at the mission yesterday and it was so good to see them! Tracey and I both had tears in our eyes when we hugged. Guys from the program kept coming up to say hi with big smiles, it was wonderful. We spent some time in the courtyard so I could explain the place and my job and things. We got a tour and I couldn't help but laugh as Tracey named off all the plants in the green house. They took me out to a nice little restaurant near by called Epples for some good food. They even brought out a bunch of stuff from my condo that they grabbed before it was foreclosed. I now for the first time in a long time have a full compliment of underclothing, lol, and  winter jacket that will come in handy in a few months. She also gave me a really nice gift of two sets of markers. Back in Chicago Read I had used some beat up old markers to do some pointillism art and now I am looking forward to doing more with these. It was so good for the heart to see them again... I wish my life had been different, normal.
   And now for a wandering mind story... There is a strange forest preserve at Wolf road and 31st in the western suburbs. In the early 1920's they had started to build a subdivision there but ran out of money at some point. Now it is a prairie of sorts, with sidewalks and fire hydrants, but no roads or houses. It has a very eerie feeling to it. Now you can walk around there on old sidewalks, but when you come to an intersection, there might be a tree in the middle of it instead of cars. It would make for an awesome dream sequence in a movie. Speaking of dreams, not long after I got here I realized I had to find new ways to dream. No longer could I just lay my head down and think nasty thoughts about that cute girl I had seen earlier in the day. I want to change how I think about life, so I shouldn't wallow in wrong anymore.

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