Monday, August 24, 2009

A note on this... um, thing here.

TL 4 22 09

It's a work in progress in an un-progressive style. I tend to jump from thing to thing, digress, ramble and at times even contradict myself. I consider it a reverse diary of my life, with stream of thought things thrown in from time to time. I started it a while back when a few things converged; I moved back into my condo and couldn't afford the internet or TV (after years of having both, it's like someone has cut off one of your senses you didn't know you had... you kind of go stir crazy, I needed an outlet), and the other thing was a frustration of forgetting when things had happened in my life. It's like when you rent 3 videos for a night, and the next day you remember bits and parts of each, but not being able to separate the vids from each other (Hey, wait a minuet, there where no robots on Captain Jacks ship!). I just started writing memories, adding TLs (Time Lines) to the beginning to show as close as I can remember when they happened. One of the backbones to recalling when they happened is recalling what car I or a friend had at the time. When you buy a car new, you always remember the year of it. Another way I've been able to stitch together more recent stuff is from note pads on the 'puter I have saved of e-mails, message board things and chats I have had and copied and pasted if I thought they where cool. Cool movies can be time line points, if you saw them when they first came out, Google them for that date. For instance, the movie Pulp Fiction (One of my top three all time favorite movies (I don't know my absolute fave, but I know it has to be in the top three)) came out in 1994 (Wow, I have to write my thoughts on that movie like how I can quote whole scenes and how it should have beat Forest Gump by a mile and, and ... augh, get back to the main theme of this paragraph Zac!). I also know I bought my Ford Ranger pick up that year. Now I know when I wrote the diary of the trip I took out west for 3 weeks called 'White mans walk about'. I also know it is in this period that I started really going to JES Exotics in Wisconsin every weekend (JES is an exotic animal sanctuary that takes in abused and unwanted big cats such as tigers, cougars and lions (An amazing time of my life, wait till you read that part!). From there, I recall going up to the farm once in my 2001 PT Cruiser that I bought in 2002. I hadn't been up there in a while at that time, so I know my time at JES was between 1993 or so and 2002ish.
It has been great to relive these stories and I hope others will be able to live vicariously through them. Really though, as they say, we all have a book in us, but the only difference between writers and the rest is that we find the time to type them out. I recently met one guy that must have some really cool stories (He once dated Barbra Eden (I dream of genie TV show) When he was 17! (so he says)) but while he spins a good yarn, he hasn't put it down on paper.
I try my best to tell these stories as close to the truth as I can, but like a Photo-shopped picture, some of the bad stuff may not be in the end product. If we didn't have the ability to ignore bad times, we'd go nuts! I will tell you I am NOT embellishing anything, I cut out the lows, not add any highs. I have witnesses dang it!

NOTE on 5 5 09... I keep finding myself thinking of other stories from my life, they keep bouncing around. Damn it, I don't have time for work, I want to keep writing.

5 7 09... I was thinking about the above statement at work, and it occurred to me that maybe I need work, or I'd get really fat. Given my choice, I'd be sitting in front of this old laptop all the time, drinking beer, taking swigs off various boozes ( Jameson right now ( A guy down at work turned me onto to it... smooth)) and smoking way too many cigarettes. I have an addiction to this way of life... work keeps me from going over the edge into a puterpotatoe. Heh, I just coined a word.

NOTE 5 12 09
Some of these stories I am now realizing might not sound like fun to some people out there, and well, some weren't. That’s not to say they haven't enriched my life in some way. I like experiences. I like living through things that many only see on TV or in a movie. Sure, at the
time, they might have been harrowing, but to live through them rather unscathed is a reaffirmation. For most of Homo Erectus term here on Earth, we lived in constant fear of something that might like us. It's only in the last 100 years maybe that we have been living softer lives, at least in the, um, 1st world countries. It's like getting back to the roots of life lived in the last 40,000 years. I fought off the equivalent of a saber tooth tiger and lived. Ok... not quite THAT extreme... unless you count the time I kneeled on a tigers head while someone
else cut his balls off... (True story, I'll write about it later). But when a group of guys get together, like the Fryars, and drink themselves silly, telling jokes and stories, then drive home and make it safe, you feel as if you've gone through something together, a survival of an occasion with a killer hang over to prove it. Heh, I've always said, hang overs are really funny, unless it's happening to you ~grins~. Much of this is the kind of things that guys talk about, telling each other stories and things that happened to them One guy will talk about an accident he was in, then another guy will say, YEAH, there was this time... and tell of his experience. Many of those stories you
learn to take with a grain of salt on just how true it might be. Well, I'm here to tell ya that what I write about in this here thing is true and as close to how they happened as I can remember. Maybe I'll have some of the people involved read it and sign it at the end that they too where there, and yes, it's true. That is if I can track them down. Funny at how many people you get to know over the years almost like family, then 10 years later you’re with a new circle of friends, the old ones scattered to the winds for some unknown reason. Even with the Internet of today (2009), you cannot find people. Maybe it will be easier in the future as more and more people come on-line to this electronic group conciseness.

One final piece of advice, you'll thank me years later. Take occasional snap shots of your life. BE in the moment from time to time. Just stop the flow of what should be, or what was, and bam... look around and remember your situation, your surroundings, and the people. It's almost an out of body experience and it becomes a marker on the time line of your life! Done right and they can be re-lived with amazing clarity, the precious gemstone in the pendant on a chain looped around your neck.
These markers, these Gems are what you pull out of your minds drawers later in life and are the essence of what make a full life. I'm trying to come up with a name for this, but they all sound corny and unworthy. Maybe 'life Marker Gem', or 'Life Memory Greats''... LMG's? That might work... explains it all specifically, yet sounds cool as an abbreviation. LMG.
May you all have a pirate’s chest brimming with LMGs!

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