Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hair of the dog morning.

It was the sound of yelling, muffled by the floor, that woke me one Saturday morning.. An argument between a man and a woman that I figured would peter out soon enough, so I could sleep my hang over off. It didn’t. After a half hour, I sighed and got out of bed. Looking into the living room, I could see Jim not sleeping either due to the couple downstairs. I looked down at the floor, rolled my eyes, and looked back at Jim, still on his side. We had an odd connection when it came to smoking pot. He would pick up a bowl and open his hand just in time, and without having to move it, to catch the lighter I had just thrown to him.
With all the yelling going on adding to the pounding in my head, what else would we do but smoke up? After we had each taken a few big hits and the buzz set in, we heard a slam of a bedroom door. We thought that it was over, but the guy locked out of the room started yelling even louder. The woman in the bedroom tried to drown out his voice by turning up a stereo… rap music, and loud. Bad had gotten worse. Rap just isn’t what I’d call music. In retaliation, I walked over to our beat up stereo that we had already blown out 3 sets of speakers, put in a cassette tape by Nazareth and cranked up the song ‘Hair of the dog’. The main lines of that song are, ‘Now you’re messing… with a son of a bitch!’ Jim grinned as I got into the riffs, yelling out the choir’s, SON OF A BITCH!
The song ended and we could still hear him yelling at her, so I rewound the tape and played the song again. Taking a hit on the bowl and walking over to see what the weather was going t6o be for the day, I saw 3 police cars come flying into the parking lot, right up to our building. My eyes went wide for a second, and I spun around and jumped to the stereo to turn it off. Jim was wondering what I was doing, so I told him about the cops. Sure enough, the combined sounds of the 2 stereos and the yelling had brought the police in for a disturbance of the peace. The thing is, they only heard the rap music playing loudly! As we sat silently, we could hear the cops banging on the door downstairs. The guy, not knowing who it was opened the door yelling ‘WHAT?’ Not the right thing to yell at 6 cops early in the morning, lol.
Soon the music had stopped too and we watched as the cops took the guy away in handcuffs. Ahhhh…

Those folks moved out not to long after that. The girl that moved in next I never met, but I got to know her in a special way. She must have had a well hung boyfriend; you could hear her getting into it loudly at times. You always knew when he was done by a moment of quietness, followed by her good natured laughing; you just knew she was smiling at him in appreciation.
Well, during yet another party we where having (dam, we had a ton of them there!), I happened to go into my room for something, and I could hear them going at it. I ran into our main room and waved everybody into the bedroom, putting my finger up to my mouth in the sussshhhh signal. The 20 of us listened, girls giggling at her exuberance. Then came the bit of quiet, followed by her laughter. We all let out a cheer, saying things like, ‘Dam that must have been good’, ‘Bravo dude!’ and ‘Wooo Hooo, now I need a cigarette!’
For some reason, I never heard her get that loud anymore… but the laughter was always there, and it always made me grin.

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