Saturday, August 15, 2009

THE best music

5 6 09

It's funny... most people think they know what the best music ever is... and that would be the music they heard in their teens. Heck... I love the stuff from the mid 70's to around 1980. Rock mainly, heavy metal too. There is one song though, that I cannot play... it has to come to me. It has such a deep meaning to me, that to select it on my iPod or a CD would be in a way, rude to it. I feel I'd be molesting it to force it to caress my soul’s ears. The song is "Wish you where here" by Pink Floyd. If ever a song had a soul, this one does. It starts with the sounds of a guitar playing a simple rift, distorted as if you where in the middle of no where and the only radio station you could get was 100 miles away. Then, another guitar joins in, accompanying it. I always get this vision of a well worn, wooden back porch deck, in the early evening. The wind has died down with the sun hid just behind the trees, giving the whole world a soft gloaming... not yet night, but dimming. The chores are done, and the relaxing has begun, strumming the beat up but well tuned guitar, with the only other person for a long ways.
It's a gentle song. A song of deep yearning, all the while knowing it's a wisp of a dream to ever come true. Still... the heart cannot help, wish you where here.

I never play that song, it has to come to me. Be it at a party, someone else selecting it, or on the radio at just the right time, it comes, filling me with a valleys worth of mountains.

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