Monday, February 24, 2014

Stories from the Mission... bit 56

   I didn't tell anyone it was my birthday yesterday, but my sister called and left a message about it and Renard from office C told all the guys as we gathered at 5:15 in the Billy Sunday room. Imagine having 70 guys in suits singing happy birthday to you, lol.
   Bentleys look so hot! I got the March Car and Driver yesterday and had a good laugh. They road test a brand new Camaro ZL1 against a brand new Shelby. The Shelby with winter tires, and not performance tires is .4 seconds faster in 0-60 and over a half a second faster in the quarter mile, yet they declare the Camero the winner because it took turns better. Hello? Anyone buying these cars are only going to be doing straight line racing on the street, Shelby wins, period. Heck, the Shelby has a 20 mph better top end and gets 7 more miles to the gallon.
   After a while, the Program becomes something like the TV show Survivor. Vince got caught with porn and lost 6 months from his time here, got 2 weeks over night status and 30 days restriction. Dave was also involved but got mad at Pastor when he said he couldn't have certain books up on the dorm. You don't yell at Pastor Green and expect to win. Dave ended up getting dropped from the program on what would have been his one year anniversary. Then, Curtis got caught red handed stealing and also got caught watching porn in the computer room, but got only 30 days restriction. Maybe he was more humble when confronted by Pastor.
   There is a beautiful girl working at the Starbucks at 70 west Madison- blonde, nice figure pretty face but deeper than that is how nice she is. The first time I saw her I knocked a coffee mug off a table that was for sale in the middle of the room and she was so gracious about me not worrying about it. I was so embarrassed, and as I was picking up the pieces and offering to pay, she was very kindly saying, don't worry, it happens all the time.I wonder if she knew it would have taken every last penny to my name to pay for it.Very professional and hard working, she just has this aura about her, and today I found out why. She asked me how my weekend had gone and I mentioned, without thinking that most people wouldn't know what it was I was about to say, that I was reading James from an ESV and a KJV to compare them. She didn't miss a step and said that she likes to do that too and how we need to be grateful for all we have. I stood there a bit verklemmt. She is pretty, friendly and a Christian that studies her Bible! Sounds too good to be true... and it was. The ring. Ah well, I'll respect that and God know, I guess not her, but someone like her would be very nice indeed, lol. besides, who am I? Me, the broken down homeless guy, trying to rebuild my life in Jesus, I don't deserve a dream like her yet at all, and I'd be too afraid of goofing it all up. Like when they find a big diamond in the rough, they might take months studying it before they even consider cutting it to get it right.
   While driving around today and girl watching, I told Cleve that I like all three food groups, Black, White and Asian!  I also said I want to open a clothing shop for women called Purse and boots.
   I'm reading Proverbs 23: 1-9 and was surprised by it, "When you sit to dine with a ruler, note well what is before you, 2 and put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony. 3 Do not crave his delicacies, for that food is deceptive." I did some research on the section and wrote out my thoughts. #1. Don't be blinded by who rich folks are, keep your wits about you. #2. Don't go shopping hungry, you'll end up buying a lot of stupid stuff. #3. Delicacies can be like fishing lures, be careful. #4. Don't try too hard to get rich quick, in all of your wisdom, it never worked for you before. #5. you can't have your cake and eat it too, why try so hard for something that never lasts? #6. fancy foods offered to you make you feel indebted, that's the way evil works. #7. See him for what he is, know what your getting into. #8. those temptations you give into will come back to haunt you, just like a bad hang over, a bill you will need to pay. All of Proverbs 23 rocks! I used to flash over Proverbs and be like, Yeah, that was obvious, written for a simpler time. But now that I have a deeper acceptance of it coming from God, I look into them more deeply. They can be like shingles on a roof, look at the top one, take it in, read the next one and realize it is layered withing the top one. Each part does not stand alone, but is woven in.
   Maybe I wrote about this before, not sure, but the Bible is like reading Shakespeare in that it might not read smoothly at first, but when you do get it, wow!

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